Sometimes it may be necessary that you should not be attempting foundation repair yourself. Push, press pile, forced pile are some of the most common types of foundation levelling and repair work that have been taken place since ages. Many of the Structural Engineers are aware ahead of time that the repair work is temporary and does not fully work because of what-so-ever reasons. There are various reasons why these foundation work will not work if you try them on your own.

Below are the 3 reasons you should never attempt foundation repair yourself.

1. Formulas are not perfect

Many of the construction and structural Engineers debate the fact that the foundation repairs are never going to work if you try them on your own. The reason behind this could be there is no Engineering formula which is called as perfect. Besides this, the building codes used for the foundation design can never give you the science behind the repair work and the exact precision which anyone will look for. Also, it cannot be predicted how long can a foundation stay intact without being modified by any additional support or repairs or levelling. The main reason behind this uncertainty is that the systems are not very reliable and at the same time repair work may not be feasible at all more information at

2. Active zone

As per the researches made by the Structural Engineers, the earth has a active zone which is a soil depth where moisture content varies depending upon the environment and changes in weather conditions. If you have your foundation within this particular zone level, then the foundation level moves based on the moisture content in the soil. However, if it is the other way round – the dryness in the soil can shrink the foundation to a certain level. The foundation can heave if the soil is wet and starts expanding. Most of these cases are known to occur a lot in Houston foundation repair work. This mainly hits worse for the pile and piers foundations regardless of the sand level. Press piles are also risky because there is a huge potential of the sand moving up or down depending upon the moisture level. If any repair work is attempted in your DIY (Do It Yourself) work, then the probability of failure is much higher than expected.see more detailed news at this website.


3. Half knowledge is always dangerous

When you try to do the foundation work yourself without the help of a Structural Engineers, you would hardly have complete knowledge on this technique and would definitely invite failure. When it comes to foundation repair, Houston offers excellent Structural Engineers who can guide you and offer you the right technical help you would need in building strong and robust structures.

Foundation repairs are always risky if it is done without the help of an expert Structural Engineer. In cities like Houston where there is a huge need for strong construction work, risking by your DIY work can be very expensive not just in terms of money but also other factors like time and resources.

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